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Association in acting

Has as a goal to strengthen associations on its causes and communitarian actions, support the commitment of new sympathizers of the association’s causes and the strengthening of the associated relations.

The associations can enroll at any time, presenting projects that have as goals the greater good and institutional strengthening. In 2016, tem associations presented proposals and received this support. To access this resource, the associations need to present documents, proving to be regular and active, and fill in a diagnosis that help Tabôa the monitoring of its activities.

Learn about the associations and the projects supported by Associação em Ação – Association in Action - in 2016

Associação dos Pequenos Produtores Rurais de Serra Grande – Small Rural Productors of Serra Grande’s Association
Foundation: 1987
Fields of Operation: Agriculture, Environment and Communitarian Articulation Projects: Joint effort for the revitalization of the association’s headquarters
Associação dos Moradores da Vila do Sargi e Pé de Serra – Residents of Vila do Sargi and Pé de Serra’s Association
Associação Pedagógica Dendê da Serra – Dendê da Serra Pedagogical Association
Instituto Ynamata – Ynamata Institute
Associação Doce Segredo da Floresta – Sweet Forest Secret’s Association
Associação Comunitária do Projeto de Assentamento Nova Vida – Communitarian Association of the New Life’s Setlement Project
Associação dos Profissionais de Gastronomia – Gastronomy Professionals Association
Foundation: 2016
Fields of Operation: Education; Gastronomy
Projects: Chamas Acesas — Open Flame – structuring of the school kitchen, Bread Party and graduation of the class of 2016
Associação Comunidade Ativa – ACATI – Active Community Association
Associação Circo Escola – School Circus Association
Casa das Flores – Consumo consciente – House of Flowers – Counscious Consumption
Barracão Angola (Instituto Caobijubá) – Barracão Angola (Caobijubá Institute)

Rua Osvaldo Ribeiro, 221 - Serra Grande
Uruçuca – Bahia – CEP 45.680-000

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