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The General Assembly and the Administration Counsel of Tabôa are composed by members of the community and investors.
In the first biennium, Tabôa was presided by José Adolfo de Almeida Neto, professor of the Programa de Desenvolvimento de Meio Ambiente da Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz (UESC) – Environment Development Project of the State University of Santa Cruz – and had as vice-president Marcel dos Santos, local entrepreneur.
The current admnistration is composed by Rui Rocha Barbosa (President) and Jane Lima dos Santos (Vice-president), Branca Maria Vianna Moreira Salles, Antônio Augusto Cabral Paraíso Martins, José Adolfo de Almeida Neto, Maria Regina Santos, Ricardo Dórea Gomes da Costa e Anna Carolina  Vicente (Advisors).
Beyond this decision making body, Tabôa innovated when created the Communitarian Committee, composed by local leaderships, that support organizations in elaborating and deciding socioenvironmental investments.
Tabôa counts on an executive multidisciplinary team with community members and new moderators, composed by Roberto Vilela (Chief Officer), Larissa Boing (Economic Strengthening Manager), Mayne Santos (Communitarian Strengthening Manager), Raquel Davi (Media and Assessment Manager), Robson Bitencourt (Development Analyst) e Sérgio Caldas (Financial Administrative Manager).   

Assembly Bodies’ composition

Cândido AzeredoArquitectPresident

Antônio A. C. P. MartinsAdministratorAdvisor

Maria Regina SantosAgriculturistAdvisor

Anna C.V. VicenteArquitectAssociate

Gisela Sales CordeiroEconomistTax Advisor
Jane Lima dos SantosProfessorVice-president

Branca M. V. M. SallesTranslatorAdvisor

Ricardo D. G. da CostaAgronomic EngineerAdvisor

Fernando RossetiConsultantAssociate

Marcos R. P. NascimentoAccountantTax Advisor
Rui Barbosa da RochaAgronomic EngineerAdvisor

José A. de Almeida NetoProfessorAdvisor

Alexandre C. de A. PradoEnvironmentalistAssociate

Salvador RibeiroForestry EngineerAssociate

Ricardo Teles de OliveiraAccountantTax Advisor

Explanatory Note:

Since its foundation, also composed Tabôa’s Administrative Counsel: Bárbara de Carvalho Vasconcelos, Franceska Leopoldino Araújo, Jardel Felix Del Rei Galo and Marcel dos Santos Silva.

Assistant Committee

Elaborated the initial Tabôa’s action plan with the support of Turbo – Aceleradora in 2014 and in Abril of 2015, participated in the initiative release. The Assistant Committee monitors the work development supporting in specific subjects. 

Members short description:

CINDY LESSAExecutive Coordinator of the Rede de Fundos Independentes para a Justiça Social – Independent Funds Networ for Social Justice – and Deliberative Body’s president of the ELAS Funds and Rio Institute. Was Senior Advisor of Empreendedor para Empreendedor – Entrepeneur to entrepeneur of Ashoka Global and director of Brazilian program of Synergos Institute.

GABRIEL LIGABUEGraduated in Agronomic Engineer by Universidade de São Paulo – University of São Paulo - and specialist and consultant in the creating of territorial funds. Is an assistant of Fundação Tide Setubal – Tide Setubal Foundation – to the implantation of the Fundo Zona Leste Sustentável – Eastern Zone Sustainable Fund.

MANOEL SERRÃOIs a specialist in economic and financial mechanisms of Funbio – a Brazilian fund for biodiversity. Was a manager for Fundo Nacional Meio Ambiente. Graduated in Fishery Engineer by the Federal University of Pernanbuco. Has na MBA in Environment and Sustainable Development by the Federal University of Brasília. Was a visiting professor at ESCAS/SP.

MARIO MONZONIPhD in Public Administration and Government by FGV-EAESP. Has a master’s degree in Public Administration by the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) of Columbia University, New York, EUA. Master’s degree in Public Finances by FGV-EAESP. Bachelor’s degree in Bussiness Management by FGV-EAESP. Expert in Sustainability and Economy of the Environment, Mario is a professor of FGV-EAESP and coordinator of FGV-EAESP (GVces) Study Centre of Sustainability. Already acted with the Research Department of World Bank Group. Also acted in funds elaboration projects to the compensation of socio-environmental impacts of hydroelectric power plants.

PAULO BELLOTTIAssociate and Chief Officer of MOV Investimentos Ltda., works since 2004 with business development in the sectors of renewable energy, biodiversity, fishery, organic and familiar agriculture, seeds, nutrition, microcredit, preservation and eco-systems, education, health and habitation for the social pyramid’s base. Founded the Axial Gerenciamento de Recursos Ltda. - Axial Resource Management Ltda - where managed investments for Axialpar, Grupo Ecos and Janos Participações Ltda.. Is graduated in Chemical Engineering by Escola Politécnica of USP, has a master’s degree in Mathematical Modelling by Poli USP and has a master’s degree in innovation management and public politics by Massachusetts.

VERÔNICA DE LA CERDAAnalist of Mov Investimentos – MOV Investimentsiments, expert in impact investiments. Is an industrial engeneering by the Universidade Católica de Valparaíso – Catholic University of Valparaíso and MBA by The Wharton School.

Rua Osvaldo Ribeiro, 221 - Serra Grande
Uruçuca – Bahia – CEP 45.680-000

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