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Know the communitarian axis

Streghthening of civil society as protagonist of changes

We strengthen associations, groups and leaderships for them to act actively taking care of the territory. For this purpose, we offer the following programs:

Investment in Socio-environmental Projects Program:

Non-refundable resources to project presented by associations and groups, by an Annual Project Call Out and a simplified continuous Call Out, to associations strengthening projects. And background management of funds to social investitors in the territory;

Leadership, groups and organization Development Program:

To develop instituitional capacities to create autonomy in the associations and gorups. About the lidership the goal is to make these people to develop interpersonal habilities to act and create na opinion in group on a constructive way, with knowledge of rights and citizenshp, other than also the technical competences that support their jobs.

Rua Osvaldo Ribeiro, 221 - Serra Grande
Uruçuca – Bahia – CEP 45.680-000

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