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By physical meeting and specific methodology, we helped conceiving the business idea and strategies planning, going through price, product, sales area and production until we reach a consistent and viable implementation’s plan.

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Miltom do Nascimento

Works with civil construction since 2003. Born in Serra Grande, worked in the area’s inn remodeling that sought the concept of environmental sustainability. Learnt how to use piassava straw, demolition wood, clay, Red Palm splints, taubilha roofs – a roof made of wood chips – and several exotic materials in the constructions he executed as master builder. Specialized in rough material with fine finishing because the local demand of it is growing. Provides out sourced services for the area’s most renowned companies and intends to project himself more and more as responsible for the constructions to increase his incomes. For that reason, took a loan with Tabôa part of the value for the acquisition of a professional usage vehicle, destined to the transport of his whole team and of all the equipment needed to the construction sites, which are most of the time rural areas of poor accessibility.

Cerveja Artesanal do Conduru

The young partners Rafael and Márcio are enthusiasts of the homemade brewery, based on the free sharing of information, cooperation and network support. They started a mini-factory with their own resources, stablished an accurate production system and released the homemade beer Conduru Viva. Aware of socio-environmental sustainability and to the development of a product with high added value, they mix the imported supply needs to the appreciation of local identity and culture. Located in Serra Grande within the Costa do Cacau – Cocoa Coast, the greatest inspiration of the business is the cabruca: a cocoa culture system that favors the preservation of the Rainforest. They have introduced the cocoa honey, produced in the area, in the Cocoa Honey Blond flavor and applied a system that reuse 70% of the water used in the process. The loan was destined to buy large quantities of supplies, a cold chamber and buy new fermenters to increase the production capacity.

Tendas das Massas

Born in the district of Serra Grande, Leiliane Barreto acted as a cook at several fine restaurants of the extreme south of Bahia. Had a glimpse of an opportunity to offer snacks, appetizers and high quality meals at low costs. The credit was to help her to accomplish the big dream of having her own business. The enterprise consists in a mobile infrastructure, operated individually, to sell food in events, sport championships, cultural and religious manifestations, and to stablish presence in the village. Has as a difference the offering of a well cooked traditional meal to the general public and the access to elaborated recipes and elements of the Italian cuisine.

Horta Orgânica

Jucelino Santos and Lucas are young entrepreneurs that dream about the consolidation of an organic vegetable garden in the area. The vegetable garden is a tribute to Lucas’ father, named Reinam, that worked for several years as a vegetable salesperson. The society blends the experience of Jucelino with the production of gardens and his knowledge about plants – he did a nine months internship with fruit and ornamental plants in Germany and act with the identification of plants in the area -, with the knowledge of greenery sales of Lucas, a result of his acting with his father. They are selling for small and large scales with delivery. The credit was destined to buying equipment, supplies and the construction of the vegetable garden.

Rua Osvaldo Ribeiro, 221 - Serra Grande
Uruçuca – Bahia – CEP 45.680-000

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