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Project call out

The project Call Out was released in Tabôa with the goal to support with non-refundable resources (donations) initiatives and projects presented by organizations and communitarian groups in Serra Grande and area, within the proposal Theme of each Call Out.

Call Out Impacts

As main resoult generated from the supported projects, we highlight:

 The improvement of the public services:

  • Support to the Health Centers at the medical care to pregnant women, with orientations and embracement;
  • 70 young people of High School participated in three project ina partnership with the Public School, aiming to expand the selknowledge and trust of these teenagers ao they can act in the world according to their own pursposes;
  • Mobilization of 150 community’s people to discuss, develop and improve the solid waste collection to reduce the volume of the garbage public collection.

 Local Culture and identity Appreciation:

  • Reactivation of Regional Capoeira, that was disorganized. Now, it counts with a space inside the Bairro Novo neighborhood. Were also created other groups that started classes with kids and adults. The presentation became more frequente;
  • Educational practice of Surf for local kids and teenagers. Thirty kids and teenagers learned to practice surf. The project also mobilized godfathers that supported financially the project.

 Envinronmental preservation:

  • Improvement of the Parque Estadual da Serra do Conduru’s infrastructure and development of the surrounding communities with organic green garden, plantation of palm hearts and seeding nursery;
  • Preservation of the Sea Coast, with collective initiatives for beaches cleansing and monitoring of turtles nests.
To select the projects, Tabôa counts with the support of the Communitarian Committees, annually formed, that ensure a participative process, with evaluation criteria in the project selection.

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