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Credit cases

Tabôa attended 67 interested people in credits and granted 28 loans, reaching a total financial amount of R$ 209,4 thousands. The low non-compliance of the program – that is in 1% - shows the importance of the incubation and follow up of these businesses, in a period that the weakening of economy led to a rise in the national default.

The current economic scenario of the country affected local tourism. In this context, the credit program contributed to the generation and maintenance of 75 workstations.

Empreendimentos incubados em 2016

Moqueca Baiana Bar and Restaurant

The business has been working for two years and the space has been earned by the entrepreneur Sônia Barbosa with a lot of work in several business of the area. She relies on the good location of the business, right by the Ilhéus-Itacaré Highway. With a simple and typical menu of the cities at the beach of Bahia, they serve moquecas (fish stew), guaiamum (species of crab), acarajé (fried bean’s donut with fish and shrimp) and other meals that the locals and tourist want. The owner searched a loan in Tabôa to implement the place’s remodeling, to improve its appearance and comfort and diversify the menu with new proposals. With this, intends to call the tourist’s attention that frequently go by the highway on weekends and also get ready to the huge demands of the summers. Aiming to improve the place, the owner is also participating in the Mentoring Program that started in the end of 2016. Sônia Barbosa Moqueca Baiana Bar and Restaurant.

Rosenildo’s Tousitic Transfer and Taxi

After years working in a tourism company as a driver, Rosenildo do Santos – born in Taboquinhas, rural area of Itacaré and resident of Serra Grande – gathered the needed conditions to undertake a business. During his professional years, participated in several courses offered by the SEST/SENAT that has a conexion with transporting goods, passengers and formations of new drivers. The entrepreneur noticed the opportunity to work in the field of transport in Serra Grande, offering the services of touristic taxi and transfer. When he heard some friends talking about Tabôa’s credit line, he approached the institution and closed the partnership in order to acquire a new and more comfortable vehicle aiming to offer a quality service to his clients.

Senhor do Pastel

Daniana Correa has experience in self-employment strategies, but has a certain instability in keeping a business. Since the Tabôa’s trust principle embraced the proposal of the entrepreneur the partnership began. The credit was invested in acquiring supplies for the production of fresh, vegetarian and traditional pasteis (salty fried pastry). In order to deal with the seasonality of the demand, she defined as a target audience the local residents of Serra Grande’s village and identified a shortage of supply of low-cost snacks. As a person involved with Tabôa’s activities and sensible to the sustainable development, stablished a partnership with a cosmetic producer to reuse the waste oil. Daniana Correa experient in self-employment strategies.

Barra do Sargi Restaurant

Carlos Gomes has worked in the field of food and beverages for 14 years. During this period, he invested in courses abroad to improve the gastronomic technique and, in Bahia’s Northeast, worked as a kitchen chef in large hotels. In the last six years, has undertaken the restaurant Sol do Mutá, in Barra Grande, Bahia, and in 2015 arrived at Serra Grande with his wife. The entrepreneur says that the high-cost of rents encourage opening business in its own property and moving to the village was a move aiming this strategy. The couple assembled their savings and invested in a familiar terrain that was not visited for long. That way the Barra do Sargi was born, a restaurant in a strategic touristic location with comfortable structure and high-quality service that embraces a lounge at the beach, beach chairs and sunshades. The credit loaned with Tabôa was destined to make the last touches and to finance the cash flow. The entrepreneurs are also participation of the Mentoring Program, in order to strengthen their business that is still starting.

Lutthieria Carelli

Pedro Ivo is na skilled luthier, and his knowledge in design, engineering and lutheria determine its style. Focus on technical quality, design and ergonomics of musical instruments that he produces and demonstrates his care for the environment on his brand. Worried with sustainable development, practicing the productive preservation using fallen timber of the Rainforest. The entrepreneur has the dream to improve the productive structure and expand his products consuming market. The created was destined to buy specific professional machinery with the goal of improving and refining the finish of his creations.

Traveling and Tourism Farol da Barra

Nielsen de Oliveira acted in the civil construction field until he received an invitation of his father to act together in the field of tourism in Barra Grande. In 2002, Nielsen decided to invest in the field of sightseeing tours and acquired and suitable vehicle for the area. Together with his wife, who works with tour operation, opened the company Farol da Barra Viagens e Turismo in 2009. They moved to Serra Grande and started to work with the whole area from Ilhéus to Maraú. They have acquired expertise in hotels, inns and touristic sites partnership during the years they have worked. The credit was destined to complement the resources needed to buy a new vehicle even more suitable for the area and to meet clients expectations, and also investing in marketing of the company.

Delícia da Serra

Rosa has been acting in the food field for many years, working as a cook in restaurants and hotels of the area. Her dream is to open her own restaurant and she is preparing herself for that. For now, she opted for producing pastry – coxinhas, pastéis and empadas – with homemade dough through tolling arrangement in Serra Grande and area. The credit was destined to buying an electric cylinder and other utensils to the production of these pastry.

Polpas Artesanais de Frutas - Homemade Fruit Pulps

Edson Oliveira is a very flexible entrepreneur. Already acted in several fields such as civil construction to fridge magnet sales and women goods. In 2012, found a marketing opportunity of selling fruit pulp and has been acting in this until today concomitantly with his job in a shrimp farming company. The credit was destined to buying new equipment, appliances and cash flow to the structure of a place to produce pulps, step which he is very proud to take, once that he plans to expand the profit margins of his business going from re-selling to production.

Rua Osvaldo Ribeiro, 221 - Serra Grande
Uruçuca – Bahia – CEP 45.680-000

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